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Birthday Tree

So, as I have said before, I just hate taking down my Christmas Tree so early. So, once again, I transformed the Christmas tree into G's BIRTHDAY tree! This years party theme is MERMAIDS so we did a MERMAID tree. All I did was add one box of TURQUOISE ornaments (75% off), made a large cascading bow for the top (less than $5) and handmade a whole bunch of paper mermaid ornaments (glitter $1)!! I am in LOVE with it!!! Here it is!!!

stay tuned for upcoming Birthday, Party and misc Mermaid stuff!


January – 2nd Birthday Portrait
February – Enchanted Fairy Party (Jan)
March – Chinese New Year (Feb)
April – Easter
May – Mother’s Day
June – Won Cutest Toddler in Delaware
July – Fun in the Sand
August – ECG Reunion in New Hampshire
September – Back to School
October – Happy Halloween Cheerleader
November – Fall Stroll
December – Christmas Card

and last years...


January – We became a FAMILY!
Feburary – My Pink Valentine
March – Eskimo Princess
April – My Easter Bunny
May – Mother’s Day in the ER
June – Amelia Island Reunion
July – 4th of July Fireworks
August – Summer Day on the Boat
September – Outside Playtime
October – Happy Halloween Cinderella
November – 1st School Photo
December – Our First Christmas together.


My wish for you...

Dear Giorgia:

Here are my hopes and wishes for you for 2011...

You are a thinker, an observer, a stickler for details and inquisitive child…I hope this never changes.

I hope that you…

• never stop suprising me daily with your perspective.
• never stop loving LEARNING and continue to love school and your teachers.
• continue to stand up for yourself and what’s right but understand that your mommy and your teachers are the IN CHARGE!
• continue to NOT let your classmates hit, scratch, bite or pull your hair! Use your words… “back off buddy” or “I give you knuckle sandwich” so far, they are working like a charm. Plus they sound so freaking cute the way you say it. (only an occasional thing)
• continue to LOVE our snuggy time before bed.
• continue to be kind to our Pirate and always say before school, “I love you Pirate, no pee-pee on the floor, I be back soon” and then blows him a kiss!
• continue to always say, “mommies the queen, I’m the princess and Pirate is the prince” (giggle)
• continue to be a GREAT eater and always telling me honestly what you did and did not eat at school.
• continue to be the sweet and sassy.
• learn to accept verbal corrections without the dramatic meltdowns.
• continue being so polite and use your manners.

These are just some of the things I wish for you but mostly I hope you begin to gain an outward joyfulness. I hope that you can put your guard down and be more carefree and silly before it’s past your bedtime. It’s the only time we get a glimpse of the other side of you. Lastly, always know and feel in your heart that you are loved beyond measure from Mommy, your family and your friends. Know that I will be your problem solver ALWAYS and that you are never alone…no matter what.


PS. Thank You to Sandra for inspiring me to give a wish to G. Her blog is Jazzie & Tahlia

Video from Santa

Although G didn't "sit" with Santa, we do have her in a photo with Santa.

Here at our house we went a little high tech... G emailed Santa that she wanted a pink scooter and to our surprise, he sent us a video!!!

Not sure if the sound is matching the lips...seemed to have issues with the upload. I wonder why that happens. Luckily the PC version I have at home is right on track!

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