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Video from Santa

Although G didn't "sit" with Santa, we do have her in a photo with Santa.

Here at our house we went a little high tech... G emailed Santa that she wanted a pink scooter and to our surprise, he sent us a video!!!

Not sure if the sound is matching the lips...seemed to have issues with the upload. I wonder why that happens. Luckily the PC version I have at home is right on track!


the meaklims said...

Love the photo of her with Santa. Lilah also got a video from Santa, you should have seen her mouth drop open...and when he said she was three, she was quick to answer back "three AND A HALF!" Haha!

Thanks so much for the beautiful Christmas Card. Lilah and I had a nice discussion the other day about she and Georgis living and sleeping in the same orphanage.

Happy New Year.

Debbie Sauer said...

Glad she had a nice Christmas. She is absolutely adorable. I had followed your journey to China and decided to go back checking for updates. Blessings.

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