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Mermaid Cupcakes

I forgot to take a upclose photo of the Mermaid Cupcakes. It was really important too so since the icing came out EXACTLY the way I envisioned it...like little turquoise waves. So, exactly a week after the party I look over to the kitchen table and there sat those darn extra cupcakes that have been WAITING to be photographed. They still looked perfect! So, the foot of snow outside is mostly melted and the sun is out so I thought I'd take them out to shoot them. I should not mention that this very cupcake fell from the roof of my SUV straight onto the driveway and STILL looks yummy! The silver wrapper is a bit dented though...oh well. LOVED my MERMAID CUPCAKES!!!!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Love those cupcakes! How did you make the pics?

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