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Real Parties: Little Mermaid

{The Inspiration}
My daughter, Giorgia

and my love
of the sea,

and my love
of the colors...aqua & turquoise

Actually, I never want to take it down.
All the photos are for the actual party and during the party except the "cupcake" closeup!

Kate Landers Mermaid Party inspired me and I am using her headers as my guideline to my story
{The Invitation}
Photo-shopping is my hobby. The possibilities are endless. I found a photo of a dreamy tropical spot, a fish tail and my daughter. Voila, a MERMAID invitation. To make even BETTER, I added some super fine iridescent glitter to her necklaces for just a bit of sparkle. Can't send out an invitation without some BLING. lol

{Setting The Scene}
First thing I did was look for a Scene Setter. I found this one online but the picture didn't do it JUSTICE...at all!!! The colors shown were very dull and dark but it was still what I wanted. I shrieked when it came in the mail...it TOTALLY matched the colors in the invitations! So, the mural alone set my scene and kept me running with the theme!!!!

Fadeless Designs Bulletin Board Paper, Under the Sea, 50 ft x 48"
Item Number Item #: PAC56525


{Welcome to the Party}

Above is the mermaid I made. I had a graphic from Kay Millers Blue Lagoon
that I blew up, glued on to poster board and glittered! I then just added blue and green seaweed! I LOVED it!!!

{The Entrance}

Can you see all the snow outside? lol. You can also see the Mermaid Wands at the door entrance.

My mom helped me improve on my Seaweed Banister! It looks awesome now!

I found the PERFECT frame for G's Mermaid photo at TJ M@xx and I bought "The Tiniest Mermaid" book for everyone to sign.

Here are the Wands again!

an upclose of the Seaweed Banister.

{Mermaid Tree}

Since G's Birthday is just around the corner from Christmas, I leave our SILVER Tree up and add theme colored decorations. All I added to the tree this year was a VERY LARGE bow topper, one box of turquoise ornaments and a dozen or so of little mermaid ornaments and lastly a clearance/after xmas tree skirt from Target!

{Mermaid Dessert Table}

This was the best part. I enlarged her photo because I got a great deal on posterbrain, they are on FB too! The quality was AWESOME! I already had the frame...it used to be my fake "Pottery Barn Yearly Planner" but I haven't used it since the invention of the smart phone! It is to go up in Giorgia's room but my momthought it would look cuter on the sweets table. It did...but it's a WHOLE LOT OF G!! lol

and another view.


MORE favorites of mine...
Clam cookies
Chocolate Starfish
Brownie Pops
Pretzel Coral
Shell Lollipops
Mermaid Sushi

{The Cupcakes}
okay, I lied, the cupcakes were my FAVORITE!!!!!

TOO cute. I made the picks by hand and tinted the frosting too! I piped the icing in a wavelike fashion. It came out even better than I had envisioned it!!! Gotta LOVE that. I even sprinkled Disco Dust all over the cupcakes but unfortunately my photography skills couldn't capture that! :(

{The Chandelier}

{The Food & Beverages}

Sea Urchins (Meatballs) and Seaweed & Shells (Mac & Chz)

Jellyfish Sandwiches, Chicken Salad Bites, Mermaid Caviar (Deviled Eggs), Sea Shell Surprise (Bacon, Ranch Pasta Salad), Veggies, Chips and Dip.

Sodas, Lemonade, Water, Sea Water (Blue Hawaiian Punch) and Blue Sugar Rimmed Cups!

{Costumes and Birthday Attire}

I was inspired by the tutu I found on ETSY
I LOVE it! My mom had some starfish that she found and I took off the flower that came on the bow belt and replaced it with a silver painted and glittered starfish. I also bought a plain black headband at Jo@nn fabrics and did the same with another starfish and attached it.

{Party Craft}

Mermaid Coloring Pages

Mermaid Portraits and fish stickers!!

{Party Favors}
Bubbles & Candy Bars

{Misc Decorations}

the coffee table

{The BFF & Friends}

a SUCCESSFUL Party and a GOOD day for ALL!!!

Happy Birthday Giorgia!!!!!


Wendy said...

OMG!!!!!!! How gorgeous is this girlie of yours and how much fun ws that birthday?! You did a phenomenal job!! WOW!

Brittany @GreyGreyDesigns said...

This party is absolutely PRECIOUS!!! I wish I had a girl, so I could throw her this party!

the meaklims said...

How many years did it take to organize this???!! WOW!

Georgia is a lucky girl.


Alyson and Ford said...

Over the TOP! WOW! What a beautiful birthday party!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

G's Momma said...

Fantastic birthday party!!! Really impressive. I'm sure Giorgia loved her day.


Jenna said...

Wow!!! What an amazing and impressive party!! Well done!!!!

Truly Blessed said...

Holy cannoli. Man, Stef, when you set the bar, you set it HIGH!!!!

I'm sitting here too stunned to write anymore. Happy Belated 3rd birthday to Miss G!

Brittany @GreyGreyDesigns said...

Would love to feature your party on my blog! Email me and let me know if that's okay!

Brittany @GreyGreyDesigns said...

Great! Look for it in the next few days!


dreaminNdetails said...

This party is absolutely adorable!I would love if you would enter it into the Party Of The Month on Children's Party Network. You need to be a member of Children's Party Network, but its very easy to join, if you're not already a member :) Please email me if you are interested and i'll get you some more info. Thanks so much!


Eliza2006 said...

Amazing! Are you a party planner....obviously so! You put me to shame! So creative and fun. Giorgia is a lucky lady!

Renée said...

Girl, you have mad party skills!! (This from a professional party stylist). Great job!!

Anonymous said...

Hi where did u get your claim cookies with the pearls? Love them!

Stephe said...

I made everything... Just round cookies, melted pink chocolate, mini marshmallows dusted with edible pearl dust. Bought candy eyes. Super easy.

Jennifer Collins said...

This is too cute! Love all the creativity!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Stephe! What a fabulous job! I love how you made her in to a mermaid for the invites, and used that for the backdrop! But how on Earth did you make those pics of her on the cupcakes sit 3D, with her arms in front of her, like she's really sitting there on top? Please let me know! I'd love to do a mermaid party for my daughter's first bday (around Xmas, too), but I can't imagine I could pull it off even close to what you did. Amazing! Congrats on your beautiful daughter, and happy belated bday to her! -Stephanie

internetexplorer said...

This is my sister's favorite theme. It's sweet, colorful and just suits a kid's innocence. Glad to be exploring the net and found great Little Mermaid birthday party ideas like this. THis is going to be my niece's party theme next year. yehey <3 God bless always! I would love to pin some photos from this post hope it's find with you.

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