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Valentine's Day

Cupcakes were made and brought into school for G and her classmates!
(red velvet, strawberry icing, sprinkles and jelly hearts)

G's Valentine's Cards to give out! She posed for the photo and helped by handing me each card to cut and also picked out each lollipop with specific color for specific friends. She also stacked them up neatly into the container for her to take to school. She is VERY PROUD of her part in the making of these. The ABSOLUTE BEST part for me was when I did the first one to show her what it looked like and she said, "Awe, so ADORABLE!" in her cutest voice!!!! I originally saw these here and here.

Now here's the Valentine Girl and yes...you see it CORRECTLY...

Baby fell on Wednesday at school! She was twirling and twirling like a nutty silly girl and then went straight down on the side of the kiddy table. Trust me when I say this looks GOOD compared to the other day!! The dr said all is good...it was one of those suck it up, IB and ice times!!!! Poor Baby though... she's a trooper!


Alyson and Ford said...

Happy Valentine's day! You did a great job - both of you!
What a shiner! Hoping it fades quickly; glad she was "OK"!

Alyzabeth's Mommy
FB - acmaine

Shannon said...

Oh my goodness! Poor Giorgia, poor Mama! Well, she even looks adorable with a black eye! How does she do it?! The Valentines are beautiful, BTW. =)

Shannon said...
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