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Gift Receipt Fraud (VIDEO)

I have known about this for years. BabiesRUs has done it for atleast 8 years that I know of and it totally pisses me off. So, what this video on Walmart but TRUST ME, many other stores are doing it too! There is an ongoing investigation with Walmart, Khols and ToysRUs (who also owns BabiesRUs). Horrible.


Anonymous said...

OMG! This just happened to me today at Walmart!!! I couldn't figure out why they would only give me back 1/2 the price back so I walked out. AND I just gave a gift from Kohls with a gift receipt. Thank you for sharing this! I will never buy a gift at any of those stores again!!!

Julie said...

I would love to hear your story about your experience at WalMart with gift receipt fraud... I am writing a story regarding this issue and we would love to hear some first-hand experiences. Please email me if you have the time; I would greatly appreciate it! jputnam@cbs.com

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