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Cheer/Tumble Classes

Well, we went to the open house for Dance/Cheer Lessons. I researched all the places in town and this one place in particular just stood out to me! Little did I know they had just remodeled and I fell even more in love with the place in person. I know it shouldn't be about what it looks like but it still kinda does. We walk in and the walls were painted HOT PINK in the lobby! The shelves behind the desk were black with all their awards displaced and the photos on the wall were adorable.

G got a chance to walk in and see the studio...and check herself out in the mirror!

She tested out the bar to see if she could reach!!!

Even the mats were HOT PINK!!!!

G seems to NOT want to wait until the classes start in September!  We decided on Cheer/Tumble rather than ballet/tap.  I think she will go out of her mind with the slower pace of ballet/tap.  Maybe next year...

I am a little sad that there are no window to view your child while they are in class...  :(

This is going to drive me nuts/sad if I can't watch!!!

Oh Well...

Then I am informed that I can watch the class in the lobby on the tv behind the reception desk!  WhooHoo!!!

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Paula said...

That's great that they have the tv to watch the kids on. Jess takes gymnastics and there are windows in one area but it can get very crowded in front of that window with all the parents! She also takes Chinese dance and there's no window in that room except the one looking out onto the street 3 stories below. Occasionally, we'll crowd into the door to watch but it depends on how the kids are behaving. If they're too distracted, the teacher shuts the door.

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