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Silly Ladybug (Video)

You know, I do things in front of my daughter that I would never do in front of anyone else except my brother when I was young.  Anyone who knows me knows that I don't sing and I don't dance!  But in front of my daughter I act like I'm on Broadway and make up elaborate songs and dance moves to match.  Heck, she's to young to remember!  So I thought....  oh crap....

Watch out Elaine from Seinfeld...G's on the block!!!


Tricia Thompson said...

That is hilarious! I am so afraid that has happened to me too. But it is fun and we are good moms to make fun of ourselves!

Friend of Sharon Livingstone
Adopted Maggie from Huazhou Dec 2009

Lori Hilton said...

Hehehehe I always tell Qiao she's doing the "Elaine" Hehehehe Love this!

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