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BIG Girl Bed

First Night in her BIG Girl Bed!!!!

The LAST NIGHT... (Video)

Okay, I know, I know, she's STILL in a crib. But hey, I'm a first time mom and one child is all it will be...I missed her first 362 nights at home in a crib so I kept her in it a while longer... won't hurt anyone. At last, though, the time has come... Her last night in her crib!!!

Green Day

Don't mess with my girl and her Breakfast...Green or not!

"I'm so LUCKY to have you as my friend" ~Giorgia
and some really SAD cupcakes that mommy made! :(
Thankfully...the kids are only three!!!

Picture Day

Another Picture Day at School. Let's hope this one is better than the others. We've talked about it... She chose the dress, we did the hair, we touched up her healing black eye with a bit of makeup and she even said she would smile for the man with the camera today! As per our morning ritual, she let me snap a few photos of her in her outfit!

Once at school she told me that she would smile for the photographer. Fast Forward 2.5 hours and the phone rings. Her BFF's mom, just called saying she refused to get her photo taken. (real shocker) However, Ms Veronica was able to gether to go in and sit with her BFF, Nataliah and get them taken together. Brilliantly, they were not sitting too close and the photographer was able to shoot her seperately...all the while she is thinking the photos are of her and her BFF. They did get some together too though. Thanks Ms. Veronica for getting G to cooperate! Now, lets see if they got any good shots!!! If not, we'll redo with similar background. At least I got a few good ones this morning.

Blue Denim

DressUP Sunday

We played dress up today and G picked Minnie Mouse...

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