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Hershey Park #1

Officially a "Hershey KISS"
Elena is too!!!
Ready to ride the RIDES!!!
We opened and closed the park and this is everything we did...in this order!!! Giggle.
Amtrak Tiny Tracks
Traffic Jam - Blue Cars
Country Grill Show
Trail Blazer - Roller Coaster
Zoo America
Kissing Tower
Sunoco Twin Turnpike - Speedway
Convoy - Trucks
Aquatheatre - Seal Show
Fed Ducks
Sandcastle Cove - Waterslide
Amtrak Dry Gulch Railroad Train
Capital BlueCross Monorail
Jukebox Show (singing & dancing)
Reese's Xtreme Cup Challenge
G score 6,000/ S score 14,000
Bizzy Bees
Hershey Ride
Ride Home
more photos to come.....

First Manicure

Miss Ann gave G her first Mani-Pedi.  Courtesy of G's Gami!!!

She picked out red to match her dress. I wanted pink to match her other wardrobe for the week.  But it made sense for the red. 

Telling miss Ann that her old nailpolish needs to come off!

Getting ready...

Removal begins...

buffing begins...

cuticle cream or something...

Somewhat of an acknowledgement to mommy who was on the other side of the shop who was soaking for her pedicure.  Thank god for zoom lenses or I would have never gotten these shots!



more polishing...

can't forget the toes...


Checking them out and Approving...

10 Red Fingers...

10 Red Toes...

Now time to watch Mommy's Pedicure...

Pink Fun

Pink Polka Dots

Gift Receipt Fraud (VIDEO)

I have known about this for years. BabiesRUs has done it for atleast 8 years that I know of and it totally pisses me off. So, what this video on Walmart but TRUST ME, many other stores are doing it too! There is an ongoing investigation with Walmart, Khols and ToysRUs (who also owns BabiesRUs). Horrible.

Teacher Appreciation

There were also instructions on the back part of the label as to how to fix the S'MORES!
Top a graham cracker with a piece of chocolate and a marshmallow. Arrange on a microwavable plate and microwave on high for 15-20 seconds or until the marshmallow puffs. Top with a second graham cracker and press slightly together to secure. Enjoy.
I found the ideas here and here.

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