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1st Day of School

 Today is considered the 1st Day of School...
Friday they had their "End of the Year" party!  Hopefully I'll be getting an email with photos!
G with Ms Peggy in the morning!

Crazy Hair Day

well, not too crazy...

colorful, yes!

This was the BEFORE photo!

Pool Time

with her froggy...

She does NOT want to play on the ledge!!!
Such determination before a JUMP!!!
Now we have some smiles...

With PopPop...grocery shopping!!!

Simply Sweet

Giorgia finally fits into a beautiful dress that was given to her by Ms Lorraine & Mr Don...

as usual...  SIMPLY SWEET!

Note to Ms Lorraine:  Check out http://www.etsy.com/ , it's a GREAT place to sell your beautiful jewelry!! 

Black & White Wednesday

More 4th of July

Fireworks FUN!!!

Now for the 4th of July Princess Extravaganza!!


4th of July

Forgot to upload all the 4th of July photos. More coming, then I will put in the month of July...

and her cousins...

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