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**updated Rock the Denim below**

Rock the Denim

G didn't mind the curls this time.  We are having a hard time getting the bottom of her hair to NOT look straggly.  I told her we would just curl the bottom to see if that solves the problem.  She was fine with that and was very happy with her hair today!

Off to Key West

It's AirTran this time...
patiently waiting to board...
silly girl...
Thank God for her Leapster!!!  We don't leave home without it!
Finally at Gami's House!

Easter Hunt

Easter in Key West

Posing on Gami's porch.
Posing by the courtyard.
Where the Easter Egg Hunt will take place.
So pretty.
with Gami...
Off to the Easter Egg Hunt.
The Easter Bunny was here!!!


G entertaining herself...
while Mommy & Gami are getting a Pedicure.
Too funny.
She watches intently.
Now it's her turn for her Mani-Pedi.
She is always VERY patient.
Getting her old polish off.
Guess I shouldn't have sparkle bling stickers!  oops.
Hanging on to every word.
a fun day!

Mile 0

Mile Marker 0.
Facing South.
Now at the North Facing one.
Hey, my girl is in the mood to model tonight!
Can't say no when she's smiling like this!!

Me & G

The two of us on my BIRTHDAY!!!

G @ the Butterfly Conserv@tory in Key West
that's not a real butterfly on her...it's a sticker they gave her.
She is hoping for one to land on her.
On the Butterfly Chair.
Enchanted by the Koi Pond.

Posing with the sign.
The coveted Butterfly of the day.
This particular species LOVED to be photographed.

There were a few birds too.
Love this photo.
Lots of pretty flowers too.
I loved this green and brown one too!

Above is the BEAUTIFUL BLUE Butterfly.  It's outside coloring is so different.

LOVE the coloring of this bird.

The Butterflies LOVE their sweets!

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