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Sunchine Princess

Another Sunny Day with YELLOW on her mind...
As always, fun on the steps.
Upclose with a pretty smile.
what a cutie.
Above is G in the same dress last year...May 2011
At School.
I keep purposely taking these photos straight into the sun.  I think the sunburts look really cool.
See how G has grown.  Here she is again last year...May 2011.

Zebra Girl

Loving the ZEBRA!
G insisted on this pose...she wants you all to see how long her hair is!
Much to my suprise, she insisted on having her photo taken at school too!  Hmmm, the tides are turning!!!!

My Sunshine

My Sassy Little Sunshine Girl.
Working on her poses.
last one.
Here is G in the same dress in July 2011...a year ago.
This is G in April 2010...two years ago!
All of these dresses have been promoted to "shirts" to be worn with shorts or leggings.  These outfits are so sentimental and I think this is the year we will have to retire them officially. 

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